Building Core Skills: The Fun Benefits of WonderTree’s Gamified ADHD Therapy

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are words that cause quite a scare. The first thoughts that come to mind are often unfavorable or filled with extreme confusion. Questions like; What does this mean? What is wrong? What do we do?

This blog quickly answers all your questions. We cover everything from cognitive skill development to focus and memory improvement via gamification, a core element of interactive therapy treatment for ADHD.

Here are the things we cover:

  • What is ADHD?
  • Impact on Children
  • How does Gamification therapy help with ADHD?
  • Specific games for boosting cognitive skill development
  • Scientific research backup

The first thing to understand is that this is not a life sentence. It just means that your child needs a different way of learning than is normal for you. Their lives are now a whirlwind of distractions, making focus and memory a daily struggle. So, put away your traditional ways of dealing with attention issues and think of new avenues you may venture into to better help your child. This is where WonderTree comes in! A game-changing platform that turns therapy into a playful adventure. Let’s dive into the world of WonderTree and see how they may help!

But first, let’s understand ADHD a bit more. Let’s begin!

ADHD and Its Impact on Children

ADHD can be compared to having an overactive brain that’s constantly buzzing with energy and creativity. However, this also means children may struggle with focusing, staying still, and retaining information. Common treatments often include medication and behavioral therapy, but these approaches can sometimes seem tedious and unengaging.

Why Gamified Therapy Rocks

How many hours have you spent playing Candy Crush, Pictionary, or any other video game on your phone? Imagine playing those games without any specific reason besides passing the time, having fun, and adding some learning. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Gamified therapy blends learning with play, making therapy sessions something kids look forward to. WonderTree’s games are specially designed to help kids with ADHD improve their cognitive skills, focus, and memory. And the best part? It feels just like playing a game!

Boosting Cognitive Skills

Attention and Concentration:

WonderTree has an intriguing Matching game that challenges kids to stay on task, helping to improve their attention span. It’s like an adventure, but you only survive by focusing. Matching games help build core skills necessary for cognitive development.


Brain Grub is a game that comes to mind when thinking about helping kids figure out their own versions and ways of problem-solving in new and fun ways. This game not only helps with problem-solving but also focuses on interactive treatments that increase attention span and focus.

Executive Functioning:

Scoop’d is another game that allows kids to practice planning, organizing, and completing tasks, which are vital areas that are often tricky for not just those with ADHD but also mainstream individuals.

Improving Focus and Memory

Wonder games use simple concepts we use daily, just in game form. When you’re trying to memorize something, you repeat it to yourself. In this game, you’re doing precisely that, and it allows you to use repetition to help kids remember and retain information.

This is just one example of a memory-helping game in Wonder Tree’s arsenal of gamification therapy.

There are so many more! Go and explore, and you’ll find a treasure trove awaiting you.

We’ve discussed how much this will help you as a parent and your child. If you need more proof, here is some research-backed literature you can read. It is just a tiny excerpt that will put your heart at ease.

Science Says It Works

A study in the Journal of Attention Disorders showed that kids who played cognitive training games had better attention, working memory, and executive functioning than those who didn’t (Green & Bavelier, 2012). Another study in Frontiers in Psychology found that gamified interventions, i.e., therapy, led to higher engagement and better treatment adherence among kids with ADHD (Staiano & Calvert, 2012).

What does this mean?

Games can be persecuted and called a time waste if done for the wrong reasons, but WonderTree has made use of this time-consuming venture and turned it into something that will make helping children with ADHD much easier. Most importantly, this is done without seeming to put these kids in another category or look at them as a problem that needs to be resolved. They’re just kids, playing games and learning new skills.

Let’s Wrap It Up

So, why wait? Embrace the exciting world of WonderTree and watch as therapy transforms into a thrilling adventure for your child. Picture them navigating through enchanting quests, solving intriguing puzzles, and conquering missions while boosting their cognitive abilities and sharpening their focus. It’s like having a magical key to unlock their potential, turning challenges into triumphs with every game played. Dive into the fun, celebrate the progress, and join your child on this playful journey to a brighter, more focused future. WonderTree isn’t just a game-changer—it’s a life-changer! Game on!