Down Syndrome​

Sensory Activities and Therapy Games for kids with Down Syndrome

Children with Down Syndrome need help improving their fine and gross motor skills, Wondergames active usage helps them achieve their skill development goals and positively impact their daily lives. Games require hand-eye coordination helps improve visual-motor integration, while games that involve balance improve postural stability

How do WonderGames help children with Down Syndrome

Online games for children with DS can offer a range of activities that challenge their cognitive abilities. WonderTree’s memory games can help improve both short-term and long-term memory, and some games can also improve their ability to sustain attention and focus on a task.

WonderTree also offers online games for children with Down Syndrome that can help boost their language acquisition skills and improve speech clarity through the use of visual and auditory aids.

Skills and abilities WonderGames develop in children with Down Syndrome

WonderTree helps children with Down Syndrome

  • Enhance motor control, accuracy and efficiency
  • Supports clarity of language and speech.
  • Encourage and refine their ability to express themselves
  • Boost cognitive performance in areas such as memory retention and numerical skills

WonderGames recommended for children with DS

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Balance it

Bubble Pop

Astro blocks

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