Autism Spectrum Disorder

Interactive Therapy and Sensory Play Games for Children with Autism

WonderTree offers an engaging platform that encourages children with ASD to actively participate and respond to their environment with purpose and intention by offering fun online games for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our games provide opportunities for children to improve core skills such as action-reaction, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and body awareness.

How do WonderGames help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

With WonderTree’s online games for autism, kids with ASD can learn and develop vital skills that are crucial for daily living routines. Our games are designed to motivate and supplement traditional treatments for children with autism. WonderTree is an excellent resource for helping children with autism to improve their communication skills and enhance creativity. Our virtual environment provides a solid foundation for the acquisition of communication skills and teaches children to accept and follow game rules, relate to the presence of others, and maintain joint attention.

Skills and abilities children with ASD develop by playing WonderGames

WonderTree helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Actively participate in their surroundings
  • Enhance their ability to perceive and distinguish visual stimuli
  • Refine motor skills for improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Improve and synchronize motor skills
  • Enhance communication skills through joint attention
  • Develop better sensitivity and response to sensory stimuli, including proprioceptive, tactile, visual, and auditory feedback
  • Boost cognitive performance in areas such as classification, retention and arrangement

WonderGames recommended for children with ASD

If you’re searching for online games for children with autism, be sure to check out WonderTree’s games that enhance motor, cognitive, and communication skills.

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