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Online Cognitive Games for Special Needs Children

Cognitive games for children with special needs are interactive activities designed to engage and challenge different areas of your child’s brain, including memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. These games incorporate visual or auditory stimulation, repetition, pattern recognition, and other techniques to aid in the development of cognitive abilities. Cognitive games, by WonderTree, don’t only help children in improving their cognitive abilities, but also help in building confidence, and enhance their overall quality of life.

What Skills WonderTree’s Cognitive Games Helps Improve?

These games require players to pay close attention to the game’s objectives, obstacles, and rules. By doing so, children can develop their ability to stay focused for extended periods and ignore distractions. Playing games such as Flash Dash, Scoop’d, Brain Grub and Astro Blocks, that require longer attention span and focus, helps children improve their concentration and attention span. Online cognitive games for children with special needs can help develop the ability to focus and retain their attention on specific stimuli and maintain concentration throughout an activity.
Games such as Alpha Trace, Brain Grub, and Bubble Pop help children develop their critical thinking and analytical skills. These cognitive games for children with special needs online involve solving puzzles or overcoming obstacles in the game. Encouraging children to use their cognitive abilities to make better decisions, analyze situations and develop strategies.
Players are required to track and perceive motion in some of the games. They must perceive visual stimuli on the screen and accurately interpret visual information and respond by coordinating their hand and feet movements.
In games like Brain Grub, the player must recognize objects and remember the location of the items on the card deck. Such exercise increases their memory retention in a fun and engaging manner. Similarly in Phonics, players have to recognize sounds of the alphabets and repeat them simultaneously.
In games like Alpha Trace and Brain Grub, the player must recognize objects and match them with the correct answer. This helps improve object recognition ability and cognitive processing.

Why Choose WonderTree’s Cognitive Games for Your Child?

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